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  This date, May 13, 1969 is enough to bring the shudders and shivers to a great many Malaysians, particularly those who survived the ordeal. It has also been used as a boogeyman by BN politicians particularly when General Elections are around the corner. Why is the May 13 spectre so menacing to the Malaysian psyche. This blog aims to bare the truth so that future generations will not be influenced by unscrupulous fear-mongering politicians out for votes.

What do we, particularly those born post-May 13, 1969, know about the tragedy or ‘incident’ really? As Sim Kwang Yang wrote in his article, ‘Unmasking the Hornets’,

“First of all, do we know all there is to know about the May 13 incident? All we have so far, in the private sphere, are a motley collection of rumours, old wives’ tales, rather sketchy press reports from the time, and personal recollection from eye witnesses and participants, whose memory of the events may have been distorted by the passing years. These are necessarily scattered and not always reliable accounts.

For the helicopter view, we have the government version as contained in a White Paper published shortly after the event. This brief document purported to summarise the facts of the case, as lingo jargon would have it. Lacking an independent enquiry, the facts have to be accepted as they are – official facts.”

This blogs therefore aims to bring out ‘TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION’ and a proper closure to the tragic incident and reconciliation always starts with the TRUTH.




Please leave your comments and particularly eyewitness accounts in the ‘Eyewitness’ Page. We will try to compile all accounts, verify it if possible and publish it for the truth to be made known to all.


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  • 1. su  |  September 26, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    Thanks for this effort. You’re doing quite a lot, what with this site, and your Bangsa Malaysia blog, and also the Human Rights one. Can tell that you’re one dedicated person.

    I haven’t as yet had the time to read through all of the posts here (It’s a wonder how you’ve got so many down already, seeing as you only started this yesterday). But I’ve read the book by Kua Kia Soong, and have heard of the stories from my parents.

    Will contribute what I can.

    Thanks again for your tireless effort.

    Thank you so much, Su. The May 13 incident, a Malaysian holocaust of sorts still remains like a ghost among Malaysians that is so hard to exorcise. Until the truth is made known, reconciliation and a proper closure to this sordid tragedy would not be possible. And reconciliation always starts with the truth, so the truth MUST be told.

  • 2. chng eng hock  |  November 13, 2013 at 4:26 am

    Dear sir, For the past few weeks I have been obsessed to write about the five one three incident or (5 – goh, 1 =it, 3 = sah) and thus five one three is goh it sah in Hokkien. It is because of the untruths in the film Tanda Putra which paints the Chinese as the trouble makers, talking about Mr. Lim Kit Siang behaving like a small boy peeing on the flag and the Chinese who started the May 13th riots. It will be a joke among nations if the Govt adopts this film as the official govt view and make future students study this in school. I came across your website and I am impressed with what you are trying to do to get at the truth of that unfortunate incident in 1969. I intend to help you fully. You see I lived through that period and I have information that will prove useful. The trouble started in 1963 with the formation of Malaysia and ill feelings were allowed to ferment until it exploded in 1964 in Singapore and 1969 in Malaysia. I can also tell you of the riots in Melaka on May 15 1969 two days after the trouble in K.L. I lived through it. Contact me through my e-mail address and I will give you my telephone number so that I can talk to you and you can let me know if my information will be of help to you.


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