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ss4I challenge Dr Mahathir Mohammad to respond to the allegation of gigantic proportions by Tamrin Ghaffar, the son of Tun Ghaffar Baba, that he was involved in the incident leading to the May 13, 1969 riots in Kuala Lumpur.

Dr Mahathir should not surpress the truth. He must come up with an acceptable explanation. Dr Mahathir is now, after his retirement as Prime minister of the country for 22 years, in the twilight of his life. Tunku Abdul Rahman, the father of the nation, was unceremeniously removed as Prime Minister following the most sinsiter, vile and poisonous letter, the author of which, was no other than Dr Mahathir himself. Tunku Abdul Rahman, to the last of his breath, did not forgive Dr Mahathir.

May 13 was not the product of the DAP. The allegation that Lim Kit Siang was responsible for May 13 is an unadulterated lie. Kit Siang was in Sabah on from 11-13th of May, 1969 when he was arrested at the airport from his return from Sabah.

It boggles the mind to accept the sinister and unfounded allegation that any leader of the DAP was responsible for May 13. Goh Cheng Teik, a Gerakan leader and former Deputy Minister in Dr Mahathir’s government, has publicly revealed that UMNO was responsible for May 13 backing up to the hilt the statement by PAS president Hadi Awang that it was UMNO which ochestrated May 13.

I challenge Dr Mahathir to respond in the defence of himself and UMNO of which he was president for 22 years.



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