BN, Pakatan reps move to bury May 13 ghost

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By Zurairi AR
December 16, 2012

Ibrahim Ali is doing the Barisan Nasional coalition a disservice with his May 13 remarks, says MCA vice-president Datuk Seri Chor Chee Heung. — File pic


KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 16 — Malaysia will never again witness another bloody racial clash like the May 13 tragedy, Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) politicians gave an assurance today, finding common ground in their rejection of Datuk Ibrahim Ali’s latest tirade against the Chinese.Despite acknowledging Ibrahim’s claim to be pro-BN, leaders from the ruling pact were quick to distance themselves from the Perkasa chief, whose latest rhetoric included a threat that May 13 could repeat if the Chinese grew more powerful.

MCA vice-president Datuk Seri Chor Chee Heung said that instead of helping BN, Ibrahim was doing the pact a “disservice” by spewing more racially-charged remarks.

“Sometimes my friend Datuk Ibrahim Ali, he is just behind the times … Totally living in the times far behind from the modern world,” he said when contacted here.

“His remarks send shivers down the spines of the Chinese community… he’s doing BN a disservice even though he said those things because he wants people to support BN,” the minister added.

“He needs to be careful in making these remarks … the Prime Minister is bringing the 1Malaysia concept, the concept of unity … these kind of remarks will make some citizens angry,” said MIC vice-president Datuk SK Devamany.

In a Sinar Harian interview on Friday, Ibrahim had said that the Chinese would become a national security threat if they grew more powerful economically and politically, and even warned that this could see May 13 repeated.

“Today, the Chinese are okay … but it’s not enough … they want more. Now, they control 40 per cent of the country’s economy, and now, they want political power as well.

“But what will happen in 25 years from now? Today is okay, but tomorrow, when their power spreads, then it will threaten national security and the May 13 incident will return,” he had warned in the article, which was published in verbatim.

But People’s Progressive Party (PPP) president Datuk Seri M. Kayveas rejected Ibrahim’s view, saying the Malay rights leader had gotten his history and concept of Malay empowerment post-May 13 wrong.

“He was blinded by some facts, he needs to look at it correctly,” Kayveas said, a sentiment shared by a politician across the divide — PKR vice-president Chua Tian Chang.

“Ibrahim has got the ‘tiga suku’ (crazy) notion of history …  Everybody knows that May 13 happened because of the split in Umno, it had nothing to do with the Chinese,” Chua said.

Chua was referring to a conspiracy theory which alleged that the incident was a ploy by Umno elites to topple the more moderate former Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman and further their Malay supremacy agenda.

“If we compare now and then, the Chinese made up 40 per cent of Malaysians, but only 20 per cent now. So how can Chinese be a threat?” Chua added.

“It’s just Ibrahim Ali’s idea of nightmare, an illusion,” claimed Salahuddin Ayub, PAS vice-president.

The political leaders also expressed confidence in the maturity Malaysians today , agreeing that every individual, especially Malays, have grown more progressive and would think far beyond Ibrahim’s mindset.

“In today’s modern Malaysia, Malays, all races, have different outlook now … The citizens are more focused on governance not races,” offered Chor.

“Racial issues are no longer popular among the citizens, so the issues that we fight for are those that transcend races,” declared Salahuddin.

“(May 13) is just a bogeyman and ghost brought up by Umno which is trying to defend their last lifeline,” he added, defiantly.

“I am confident that May 13 will not repeat itself, especially with such strong religious values among Malays,” Chua said.

Kayveas meanwhile suggested that instead of being negative, Ibrahim and Perkasa would be better off encouraging Malays to blend and work together with other races in making Malaysia better.

“He should stop driving people away, scaring them by using violence as an excuse,” Kayveas said.

“If Ibrahim want to be a champion of rights, he should look at the Indians. They’re worse off compared to Malays.”

Ibrahim or “Tok Him” as he is often called, is known to have positioned himself as the firebrand for the Malay agenda and the face of Perkasa, the Malay right-wing group he had founded just after the 12th general election in 2008.

But his fiery rhetoric and often racially-charged remarks has landed him all too often on a collision course with non-Muslim politicians across the political divide, despite claims from the opposition that he has the backing of the ruling Umno.

During the Perkasa general assembly yesterday, the firebrand leader continued his tirade against the Chinese and also quoted from the book “World on Fire” by Amy Chua, which suggested that the free market breeds ethnic hatred and global instability.

He gave examples of violence in the Philippines, Indonesia and South Africa, where shops owned by economically-dominant races had been burnt down after the natives felt threatened.

Ibrahim Ali is doing Umno’s dirty job
8:39AM Dec 17, 2012

YOURSAY ‘For those who suggest that the authorities take action against Ibrahim Ali, dream on. He is immune.’

Ibrahim Ali flayed for flogging May 13 spectre again

your sayLittleGiant: What is the point of non-Malay BN leaders getting upset with Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali? What’s the use? They should instead be upset with Umno. Don’t they all know that Umno fully supports what is said and done by Perkasa?

Non-Malay BN leaders should have the conviction and guts to ask Umno to take appropriate action against Perkasa for its racist stand and intimidating statements which are highly detrimental to the racial harmony of Malaysians.

Ibrahim Ali and his Perkasa leaders do not care for whatever anger shown and statements issued by MCA, MIC, Gerakan and other non-Malay BN component parties.

After all, Perkasa knows that it has the tacit approval of Umno leadership for all the nonsense it has to say about the Chinese, Indians and other non-Malays in this country.

Anonnona: Yes, the Chinese are having it so good in this country that more than a million of them have migrated overseas in search for a better future.

There are not many Chinese in Malaysia who have not lost a member of their family or friends due to migration. There are even some old couples living alone in Malaysia because all their children have gone for greener pastures overseas.

Don’t all Malaysians like to have their children, relatives and friends around them as they grow old?

Mushiro: Ibrahim Ali should not be envious of the ‘haram’ business run by the non-Muslims – that is their right. And if the Chinese is controlling 40 percent of the economy, then this is a reasonable percentage.

Why is Ibrahim Ali picking on the Chinese when Najib is talking of 1Malaysia? What exactly is Ibrahim Ali’s plans for the Chinese?

James1067: He made no mention about how we can improve the quality of life of all Malaysians but instead threatened the public so that he can help his friends to cover up their corrupted exploits.

His colleague Shahrizat Abdul Jalil who fear the NFC (National Feedlot Corporation) fiasco will unravel if the opposition wins and might have to face the law, and Ibrahim expects to sacrifice innocent lives just to protect the corrupted and selfish like her.

Hang Babeuf: “We, too, do not want that to happen,” Ibrahim is quoted as saying.

Translation: “We do not want that to happen, but if you do not do as we want, when and as we want it, then these things will happen. We can promise you that. And even if we do not cause and start them, we will do nothing to prevent them from happening.

“We will happily let awful events unfold and take their own terrible course. So we will in the end have our way, get what we want, and without any great effort or direct intervention on our part.

“With that in mind, what do you intend to do to placate us, and make us happy and relaxed, before that awful course of events begins to unfold?”

This is simply blackmail. Polite blackmail, but blackmail none the less.

Longjaafar: For those who suggest that the authorities take action against Ibrahim Ali, dream on. He is immune.

Perkasa wants two-thirds majority for BN in GE13

Lamborghini: Ibrahim Ali is preaching the doctrine of ‘might is right’.

In multiracial Malaysia, this is dangerous, subversive and definitely anti-1Malaysia. He is issuing a veiled threat to non-Muslims and non-Malays and as a true Malaysian citizen, I find this kind of threat totally unacceptable.

To build a great nation that is peaceful, harmonious and united, we should preach and practice moderation and mutual respect, not might is right and one race is superior than other races.

Every Malaysian must be assured that we are treated equally and our rights respected.

Lim Chong Leong: Ibrahim’s problem is even Umno does not want him. So he will continue to be BN friendly but remain a homeless independent. Let’s see for how long though, because after GE13 he will be a nobody.

Vgeorgemy: Ibrahim Ali, who himself is not sure about retaining his own Pasir Mas seat, now wants BN to have two-thirds majority. What a joke.

The Script: I don’t know how to explain to my two growing children, who embrace and love everything about our motherland, Malaysia, and who look forward to their days so happily and with innocent passion, when the truth is the people who ultimately decide on their future do not even like them sticking around.

Let’s face it. Perkasa is but Umno’s alter ego. Otherwise, they would have gladly revived the ISA even if it’s just to throw him into the slammer for being a threat to national security.

But he’s not in the slammer. He’s out there gathering support from those aligned to him that the non-Malays are not welcomed in the very country in which they were born, raised, and shared a future with.

And the ruling government secretly smiles while Ibrahim Ali does the dirty work for them.


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