Revival of May 13 nightmare gripping some parties

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Written by  Steve Oh
Another May 13? Umno leaders will be guilty of COWARDLY & COLD-BLOODED MURDER

The fires of May 13, 1969 still burn in the mind of older Malaysians who lived through the racial riots that swept through the major cities of the peninsula.

I was a teenager then and the sight of my father quickly putting on his shoes to go out to our middle-class and predominantly Chinese neighbourhood to call for the menfolk to come out and defend their homes if the Malays attacked us was hard to reconcile with the ‘happy-go-lucky’ life we were enjoying.

We could hear the drums beating in the distance where there was a Malay kampung. And for his efforts my father came back fuming that an old Chinese woman had scolded him for being a ‘busybody’. It turned out she was also a distant relative.

A month before Penang had seen a curfew when a policeman was killed after a politically linked incident. Tension was high. But not all of us were bent on spilling racial blood.

We made sure that the Malay teacher and his mother who lived in our street was safe. I checked with my Malay friend and his family who lived in an adjoining suburb (which was predominantly Chinese) that they were safe. We took care of one another and there was no incident in all the neighborhoods around us – Chinese protecting Malays and Malays protecting Chinese.

Not everyone, in fact few Malaysians considered in total, were infected with the madness.

Ours was a clique of friends from both sexes – some from school, and others from outside, who were drawn from all the races. Malay boys had Chinese girlfriends and Chinese boys had Malay girlfriends and so on. It was a time when we could have fun together without the scourge of religious separatism. It was the time of innocence uncorrupted by the poison of the politicians.

Some of those friendships have lasted to the present.

There is no racial madness except that which is taught and caught, and the politicians have much to answer.

Plot to get rid of Tunku

Years later we learned that it was all a ploy to rid Tunku Abdul Rahman of his leadership and that the racial riots were the plot of shameless politicians as Dr Kua Kia Soong explains in his book, May 13, Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969.

Besides the bits and pieces I heard from friends and those who were eyewitnesses, I like most of my friends in Penang, were sheltered from any real violence. The real bloodletting was in Kuala Lumpur.

Who knows the final number of casualties but as usual the official figures that I won’t even bother checking would be understated. That many had died from gunshot wounds left questions unanswered.

One real-life account was given by my university mate overseas. He was in a cinema in Kuala Lumpur and suddenly he was roused from his seat in the dark cinema by loud shouting and banging on the doors. When he saw that people were being attacked with parang, he quickly got out and escaped.

It was the darkest time in Malaysian history.

So many innocent lives were lost and Kuala Lumpur in certain Chinese-dominated areas was like a war zone. The ghosts of May 13 still haunt those who lost loved ones and property.

Desperation rears again in Umno but this time, it’s the Malays who will lose the most

Therefore why would anyone today remind us of a bloody day in the country’s history and make cheap political capital out of the innocent blood of their fellow Malaysians?

What unscrupulous politician would stoop so low as to draw his or her own race into a scheme that would leave no one any benefit but many homes with nothing but suffering and sorrow?

I agree with CPI columnist Koon Yew Yin that Malays will be the biggest losers of a May 13 repeat because they now have so much more to lose but it is not even right to say who will lose more when the truth is everyone will have something to lose.

The nation will lose most from the bloody minds and hands of those traitors.

Umno Wanita chief Sharizat Abdul Jalil deserves our condemnation for even raising May 13 let alone scaremongering and relating the bloody day to an Umno political defeat.

What a shameless and despicable display of desperate and unconscionable politics that should be deplored by every conscionable Malaysian.

International community already aware of what’s happening & won’t be fooled

It goes without saying that the country will be plunged into the abyss of a failed state and recovery will be hard and painful should the race riots recur. And this time nothing will be hidden from the world.

We will see images that were not possible when the state-controlled media had a news blackout and modern digital media technology did not exist.

You can be sure that if anything like May 13 happens again, the international community will see what takes place and no one will be able to stop mobile phones sending images all over the world and anything that happens being recorded by someone somewhere.

And there will be sufficient evidence to charge those responsible for the cowardly and cold-blooded murder.

Those who play with the fire of May 13 are shameless and gutless, and the reason they do it is to drag their race and others into their dirty political war, one in which they face certain defeat.

Fortunately today is not the era of May 13 though some specimens from that dark era still survive in power but not for long because they and their monstrous ideas will be rejected by every responsible Malaysian who wants peace and prosperity, not bloodshed.

Some politicians are just that callous and poor losers and the sooner we see the backs of them the better it will be for every Malaysian.

– cpi

May 13 call – sign of a desperate leader
8:19AM Dec 9, 2012

FREEYOURSAY ‘Shahrizat, this is your last feeble attempt to instigate the Malays based on the assumption that the Malays are gullible as ever. You cannot be more wrong.”

Revival of May 13 nightmare gripping some parties

your sayAbasir: Facts will remain facts. We know who conspired to cause the orchestrated killings of May 13; we know their motivation – the removal of the Tunku Abdul Rahman who was seen to be too accommodating, too inclusive, too weak; we know the ‘ketuanan’ policies that ensued, the systematic cleaning out of the civil service; we know how the rogues who came into power after the incident subverted all institutions to ensure their uninterrupted rule and the amassing of untold wealth.

We know why former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was seen as a new Tunku – to be excised like a malignant cell and replaced by a progeny of one of the original conspirators.

Yes, we know all this just as we know why the spectre of May 13 is now raised at an assembly lorded over by the said progeny.

Onyourtoes: The saddest part is this woman, once our women’s minister, was supposed to be the torch of conscience, compassion, charity and magnanimity.

But she has displayed the barest of raw animalism in her for all to see. I know right in her heart she was appealing to the raw instinct of race and religion to salvage whatever little support that was still with her.

But she forgot, the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal is not a racial problem. She must accept the fact that PKR’s Rafizi Ramli – who spearheaded the exposes – is a Malay and despite the fact that she has accused him for being ungrateful, he was willing to do what is right for all Malaysians.

Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, this is your last feeble attempt to instigate the Malays based on the assumption that the Malays are racist and gullible as ever. You cannot be more wrong.

Amused Malaysian: Well put, Steve Oh. I am surprised you have not been arrested yet. May 13 is but a distant memory and will remain so.

Malaysians have matured enough to understand that it is not the route to go. However, there are enough troublemakers around, who will do anything to remain in position. Malaysians, watch out for these cowards.

Starr: It’s not entirely beyond the realm of Umno leaders to contemplate such a move to recreate the May 13 incident in the event of the party losing power, as it’s they who raise such a prospect time and again.

If Pakatan Rakyat are at all serious about winning the next election, they should prepare to counteract such a possibility and not be caught unaware.

It’s clear from history that Umno-BN are not in the habit of surrendering power voluntarily without resorting to extraordinary measures. They claim they are democratic, but only when it works to their favour.

Hang Babeuf: Starr says: “It’s not entirely beyond the realm of Umno leaders to contemplate such a move to recreate the May 13 incident in the event of the party losing power…”

The point is, though, that they don’t need to stage a “re-run”. Some people can, and may seek, to justify just about anything and everything on the grounds that they are simply trying to prevent a repetition.

Any such repetition would be a national tragedy; use of the fear of such a repetition is low-grade political opportunism.

That is the measure of some people: that they are prepared to exploit that fear, and the memory of that tragedy, simply to hold onto what they have and to preserve the overall political situation that has given them what they do have. They are to be judged accordingly.

Senior: I was staying in Kampung Baru during May 13, 1969. I can say for sure that it were imported Malays from elsewhere who caused the riot, not those whom I knew or befriended or whom I played with around the kampung.

Southpaw: My mother’s high school mate was fatally shot by the rogue army when all he did was to open his window partially to check the happenings outside his house. Mom is always teary when she talks about the matter, till this day. Very sad indeed.

Kairos: I was a medical student in Universiti Malaya during the May 13 riots. I saw the mangled bodies as they were brought to the mortuary at Universiti Hospital.

Up to today, I cannot erase those gruesome sights out of my memory. Truly, why would any decent right-thinking politician want to leverage on the darkest page of Malaysian history just for political mileage?

Shahrizat must be totally out of her mind, or that she just doesn’t care about the good of the rakyat anymore, as long as she gets what she wants. Should May 13 recur again, Malaysia would be finished as a nation and everything that our founding fathers have built will be destroyed.

No matter who wins or loses, the consequences of another racial catastrophe like this is a price that is too much to bear. In the end, everybody loses. The powers-that-be will do well to take heed of this. Don’t destroy the nation with a kind of scorched earth policy.

Fair&Just: This time around, if there were to be another May 13 as what Shahrizat has said, the truth would be out and revealed to the outside world even if the criminals want to cover it up, ban or censor it.

The criminals of May 13, 1969 who escaped answering for their heinous acts shall pay for their crimes post-humously.

Daud: Shahrizat’s threats is a despicable act of cowardice. One needs to win on merit and not on fearmongering. They say if you subscribe to fear then you are playing to the song of the devil.

There are more good Malaysians regardless of race than bad, so there should be no fear of another May 13.

Look at how Malaysians with the same hope for the nation took care of one another in the recent Bersih and Hijau gatherings. Let’s have only love and loyalty to the nation when we vote.

Mahashitla: Umno leaders must condemn this May 13 scaremongering by Shahrizat. She is a most despicable politician for using such a monstrous threat of bloodshed, should BN lose.

I see her as a cold, cruel, self-serving politician and a woman interested only to protect her family in the NFC scandal. A Pakatan victory is likely to see her husband in jail.

It is now the duty of our IGP (inspector-general of police) and our Armed Forces chief to come out and assure the rakyat that they will never allow such an incident to happen again. Stern warning must be given to irresponsible politicians who play with the May 13 fire.

Umno has won 12 consecutive general elections and if the 13th is their unlucky GE, Umno must go gracefully, just like the losers in the US presidential elections have done.

Abuminable: Shahrizat has joined the ranks of the infamous and the morally degenerate all because she and her family had succumbed to the temptations of Umno’s unchallenged power and became too greedy and arrogant.

With her May 13 threats, she has crossed the line and lost all hope of redemption. From now on, she and her despicable family deserve all the negative consequences of their own vile misconduct. We have far more respect for cows than such unscrupulous scumbags.

Two Eye Ball: Remember who said this: “Even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya”?

Pakatan had better plan what to do when this really happens.


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Shahrizat’s May 13 remark a ‘crime’ Anti May 13 Repeat Prescription

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