Shahrizat’s May 13 remark a ‘crime’

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Teoh El Sen | December 3, 2012

Anwar says he understands that the former minister is trying to revive her political career but chides her for stooping to such levels.

PETALING JAYA: Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s speech which raised the spectre of the May 13 riots is “highly seditious” and should be considered a crime, said Anwar Ibrahim today.

The opposition leader said that it is an attempt to sow animosity among the races and to spread fear of violence and bloodshed if Umno loses power.

“This is not only reckless but highly seditious and therefore criminal,” he told a press conference this morning.

Anwar said that while he understands that Shahrizat was trying to revive her political career after the damaging cattle rearing National Feedlot Centre scandal, it is “inexcusable to resort to such low hand tactics”.

He said this “relentless campaign of hate and fear mongering” is a prelude to a loss of power scenario which Umno fears will come true if Pakatan Rakyat takes over the government.

“With the mainstream media at its complete disposal, Umno is using every trick in the book to sow racial discord and instil fear among the people of the consequences that will befall them when Pakatan Rakyat comes to power.

“The just-concluded Umno general assembly provided yet another pretext to go on overdrive in this offensive of lies and intimidation led by Prime Minister and Umno president Najib Tun Razak.

“We condemn his reckless statement that Malaysia will lose its sovereignty in three years after Pakatan takes over,” he added.

Anwar claimed that the prime minister’s statement aims to sow the seeds of distrust among the people that Pakatan leaders are traitors who will pawn the nation’s sovereignty for political power.

“Citing no facts nor providing any evidence, Najib’s scurrilous suggestion is therefore totally unfounded and can only be made by someone who has neither respect for the truth nor any sense of moral rectitude,” he added.

Shahrizat had raised the May 13 riots during the opening of the Wanita Umno general assembly here to encourage delegates to work harder for Umno’s victory.

The politician told delegates that a weak Umno would spread uneasiness among the Malay community and possibly invite the same racial conflict that caused the bloodshed during the 1969 tragedy.

“Do we want to such a terrible situation repeated in our country? Of course we do not,” she had said, according to the text copy of her opening address to those gathered at Dewan Merdeka here.

Don’t fear Umno’s May 13 threat

December 5, 2012

BN politicians who continue to use the May 13 racial riots as the bogey to scare or intimidate Malaysians into supporting them are completely out of date.


By Chua Jui Meng

It is very irresponsible and unbecoming of Shahrizat Abdul Jalil to use May 13 to threaten all Malaysians, especially the non-Malays, at the Umno general assembly that ended on Nov 30.

Who will become prime minister when Pakatan Rakyat is given the mandate to govern in the next general election?

Who will be the new Johor Menteri Besar when Pakatan wins the right to rule the state?

De facto Pakatan leader Anwar Ibrahim, a Malay, will be the prime minister. His deputy would also be a Malay, PAS president Hadi Awang.

A Malay leader from the Pakatan will also be the new Johor Menteri Besar.

So, how can there be the recurrence of the May 13 racial riots when the Umno-led Barisan Nasional is given the boot by the people in the next national polls?

Pakatan’s Malay leaders are also backed by non-Malay leaders in PKR and DAP. There is no racial discontent or friction.

BN politicians who continue to use the May 13 racial riots as the bogey to scare or intimidate Malaysians into supporting them are completely out of date and are doing a disservice to communal unity and nation-building.

The next general election is not about race or religion. It is about good governance and justice.

Who are the super rich and rich in Malaysia? They are the Umno Malays and their cronies, not the ordinary rural and urban Malays.

Umno has, over the past 55 years, swallowed the bulk of the country’s wealth for itself, as reflected by the RM1 trillion capital flight in the last decade.

Malaysians must therefore not fear exercising their rights to show who the boss is in this country.

You have nothing to worry about because Pakatan has been consistent in stressing the need to do away with race-based policies to stimulate and fast-track socio-economic growth via good governance.

In the last general election, Pakatan only managed to win one parliamentary seat in Johor – Bakri.

The MCA lost Bakri when it denied me the opportunity to defend the seat.

This time around, our target is to strive for Pakatan to win at least 13 parliamentary seats in Johor.

If Johoreans give their full support to Pakatan in the next general election, it is not impossible to achieve a historic strong two-party system in this country, something we have been waiting for the last 55 years.

Chua Jui Meng is PKR vice-president and Johor state chief. He is also a former MCA vice-president and an ex-Cabinet member.

May 13 call – sign of a desperate leader
8:19AM Dec 9, 2012

FREEYOURSAY ‘Shahrizat, this is your last feeble attempt to instigate the Malays based on the assumption that the Malays are gullible as ever. You cannot be more wrong.”

Revival of May 13 nightmare gripping some parties

your sayAbasir: Facts will remain facts. We know who conspired to cause the orchestrated killings of May 13; we know their motivation – the removal of the Tunku Abdul Rahman who was seen to be too accommodating, too inclusive, too weak; we know the ‘ketuanan’ policies that ensued, the systematic cleaning out of the civil service; we know how the rogues who came into power after the incident subverted all institutions to ensure their uninterrupted rule and the amassing of untold wealth.

We know why former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was seen as a new Tunku – to be excised like a malignant cell and replaced by a progeny of one of the original conspirators.

Yes, we know all this just as we know why the spectre of May 13 is now raised at an assembly lorded over by the said progeny.

Onyourtoes: The saddest part is this woman, once our women’s minister, was supposed to be the torch of conscience, compassion, charity and magnanimity.

But she has displayed the barest of raw animalism in her for all to see. I know right in her heart she was appealing to the raw instinct of race and religion to salvage whatever little support that was still with her.

But she forgot, the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal is not a racial problem. She must accept the fact that PKR’s Rafizi Ramli – who spearheaded the exposes – is a Malay and despite the fact that she has accused him for being ungrateful, he was willing to do what is right for all Malaysians.

Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, this is your last feeble attempt to instigate the Malays based on the assumption that the Malays are racist and gullible as ever. You cannot be more wrong.

Amused Malaysian: Well put, Steve Oh. I am surprised you have not been arrested yet. May 13 is but a distant memory and will remain so.

Malaysians have matured enough to understand that it is not the route to go. However, there are enough troublemakers around, who will do anything to remain in position. Malaysians, watch out for these cowards.

Starr: It’s not entirely beyond the realm of Umno leaders to contemplate such a move to recreate the May 13 incident in the event of the party losing power, as it’s they who raise such a prospect time and again.

If Pakatan Rakyat are at all serious about winning the next election, they should prepare to counteract such a possibility and not be caught unaware.

It’s clear from history that Umno-BN are not in the habit of surrendering power voluntarily without resorting to extraordinary measures. They claim they are democratic, but only when it works to their favour.

Hang Babeuf: Starr says: “It’s not entirely beyond the realm of Umno leaders to contemplate such a move to recreate the May 13 incident in the event of the party losing power…”

The point is, though, that they don’t need to stage a “re-run”. Some people can, and may seek, to justify just about anything and everything on the grounds that they are simply trying to prevent a repetition.

Any such repetition would be a national tragedy; use of the fear of such a repetition is low-grade political opportunism.

That is the measure of some people: that they are prepared to exploit that fear, and the memory of that tragedy, simply to hold onto what they have and to preserve the overall political situation that has given them what they do have. They are to be judged accordingly.

Senior: I was staying in Kampung Baru during May 13, 1969. I can say for sure that it were imported Malays from elsewhere who caused the riot, not those whom I knew or befriended or whom I played with around the kampung.

Southpaw: My mother’s high school mate was fatally shot by the rogue army when all he did was to open his window partially to check the happenings outside his house. Mom is always teary when she talks about the matter, till this day. Very sad indeed.

Kairos: I was a medical student in Universiti Malaya during the May 13 riots. I saw the mangled bodies as they were brought to the mortuary at Universiti Hospital.

Up to today, I cannot erase those gruesome sights out of my memory. Truly, why would any decent right-thinking politician want to leverage on the darkest page of Malaysian history just for political mileage?

Shahrizat must be totally out of her mind, or that she just doesn’t care about the good of the rakyat anymore, as long as she gets what she wants. Should May 13 recur again, Malaysia would be finished as a nation and everything that our founding fathers have built will be destroyed.

No matter who wins or loses, the consequences of another racial catastrophe like this is a price that is too much to bear. In the end, everybody loses. The powers-that-be will do well to take heed of this. Don’t destroy the nation with a kind of scorched earth policy.

Fair&Just: This time around, if there were to be another May 13 as what Shahrizat has said, the truth would be out and revealed to the outside world even if the criminals want to cover it up, ban or censor it.

The criminals of May 13, 1969 who escaped answering for their heinous acts shall pay for their crimes post-humously.

Daud: Shahrizat’s threats is a despicable act of cowardice. One needs to win on merit and not on fearmongering. They say if you subscribe to fear then you are playing to the song of the devil.

There are more good Malaysians regardless of race than bad, so there should be no fear of another May 13.

Look at how Malaysians with the same hope for the nation took care of one another in the recent Bersih and Hijau gatherings. Let’s have only love and loyalty to the nation when we vote.

Mahashitla: Umno leaders must condemn this May 13 scaremongering by Shahrizat. She is a most despicable politician for using such a monstrous threat of bloodshed, should BN lose.

I see her as a cold, cruel, self-serving politician and a woman interested only to protect her family in the NFC scandal. A Pakatan victory is likely to see her husband in jail.

It is now the duty of our IGP (inspector-general of police) and our Armed Forces chief to come out and assure the rakyat that they will never allow such an incident to happen again. Stern warning must be given to irresponsible politicians who play with the May 13 fire.

Umno has won 12 consecutive general elections and if the 13th is their unlucky GE, Umno must go gracefully, just like the losers in the US presidential elections have done.

Abuminable: Shahrizat has joined the ranks of the infamous and the morally degenerate all because she and her family had succumbed to the temptations of Umno’s unchallenged power and became too greedy and arrogant.

With her May 13 threats, she has crossed the line and lost all hope of redemption. From now on, she and her despicable family deserve all the negative consequences of their own vile misconduct. We have far more respect for cows than such unscrupulous scumbags.

Two Eye Ball: Remember who said this: “Even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya”?

Pakatan had better plan what to do when this really happens.




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Society has changed, May 13 will not replay Revival of May 13 nightmare gripping some parties

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