Pakatan has mixed views on May 13 probe

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G Vinod | July 25, 2012

PAS backs Suaram adviser Kua Kia Soong’s proposal for a truth commission, but PKR and DAP say Malaysians must move on.


PETALING JAYA: Suaram adviser Kua Kia Soong’s call for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate the May 13 incident has drawn mixed reactions from Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

While PAS backs the call for a public inquiry, PKR and DAP say Malaysians must move on from one of the darkest episodes of Malaysian history.

PAS vice president Salahuddin Ayub said he was in support of Kua’s call, saying that a public inquiry would stop irresponsible quarters from raising the spectre of May 13 for selfish political agenda.

“The young generation needs to know what happened on that day,” said Salahuddin.

However, the PAS leader said it was more important for Barisan Nasional, particularly Umno, to stop playing the May 13 card in an attempt to scare voters into voting BN back to power.

PKR vice president Nurul Izzah Anwar said she was not keen on the formation of the commission saying it was time for Malaysians to let go of the 1969 tragedy.

“Members of my generation don’t recall anything of the incident,” she said.

She said it was more important for the government to draw up policies to promote national integration and back these up with concrete action.

She also expressed fear that some quarters might use the issue to further the agenda of racial politics.

“Malaysia is a multi-cultural society and we should celebrate our diversity,” said Nurul.

If there is a need to form a commission, the Lembah Pantai MP said that it was vital for the policy makers to be clear of the public inquiry’s objective.

“In light of the persistent demonisation of opposition politicians in the official media, I think the commission must have clear objectives. including reviewing our history textbooks.

Nurul said that the public must be able to move forward after the inquiry and not let the matter be misused by certain leaders to further the agenda of racial politics in the country.

DAP youth chief Anthony Loke said much due diligence would be required in the setting up of the proposed commission and the public must have confidence that it would serve its purpose well.

He agreed with Nurul Izzah that young Malaysians had moved forward from the 1969 tragedy.

On Monday, Kua had urged the government to set up the commission in order to bring justice to those who had lost their loved ones in the riots.

His call came after Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin urged the young generation to unite in order avoid a repeat of the May 13 incident.

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Readers’ Comments:

  • Chia Huei Kaivalya Tan · Graduate Student at ETH Zurich

    I’m a young Malaysian, and May 13 does not affect me, nor my relationship with other races in Malaysia. Distrust was born from the divide-and-rule way of the British, and the divide-and-rule way of BN. Our current socio-political & economical climate is the result of 50 years of rule by selfish people. But maybe we all need to know whether May 13 was truly a racial riot sparked by racial tension, or if it was politically incited for the benefit of certain leaders. Especially after Bersih 3.0, I’m more likely to think it was the latter.
    • Edwin Anthony· Top Commenter

      actually May 13 was truly a racial riot sparked by racial tension….the chinese spark the tension therefore they were slaughtered by the malays..On 12 May, thousands of Chinese marched through Kuala Lumpur, parading through predominantly Malay areas, hurling insults which led to the incident.However, the rowdy procession deviated from its route and headed through the Malay district of Kampung Baru, jeering at the inhabitants.
      Some demonstrators carried brooms, later alleged to symbolise the sweeping out of the Malays from Kuala Lumpur…
      Reply · 1 · Like · 12 hours ago
    • Yap Kok Voo · Top Commenter · University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

      Edwin Anthony – If you don’t know the sequence of events leading to the May 13, don’t generalise on the root cause of who started the riots. It is very dangerous and unfair to the victims of the infamous day in history.
      Reply · 3 · Like · 6 hours ago
    • GS Guang Trading · Top Commenter · Technical College

      Edwin Anthony, are you trying to create another history??? Either you are stupid or never read the history???? The main history is the crazy power grab by Razak from TAR in UMNO. The Chinese are the victims over this crazy power. Now Najib’s again trying on it. Like father like son. We hope all Malays will wake up over this power crazy from UMNO. RAHMAN “N” means “End” for Najib’s and BN means “Burial Najib’s”???????????? Is this true KARMA?????????Believe it or not? What father done will go to son (losing power).
      Reply · 2 · Like · 4 hours ago
  • James Tan · Top Commenter · Batu Pahat

    Let the ghost of May13 be buried and forgotten. Digging up the whole episode can impede national integration. No party be it BN or PR should reignite the spectre of that tragedy. Let our young people move forward with the same vision of a true Malaysian spirit. Syabas!
    • Hisham Yahya· Top Commenter

      I am looking forward to watch the movie ‘Tanda Putera’ by Shuhaimi Baba. We can judge her verison of May the 13th. incident.
      Reply · Like · 2 hours ago
    • Ooi Boon Cher

      Why do we need to forget it? Isn’t it better to acknowledge it and accept it, rather than just toss it aside and pretend that it never happened?

      Every country has a dark chapter in their history, and every country must acknowledge that fact in order to improve.

      Reply · Like · about an hour ago
  • Wiseman Chong

    By raking up the May13th historical event will only backfire BN’s intention becos those who survived that ugly time will remiind them to vote against BN.
  • Kunasekaran Krishnan · Top Commenter · Universiti Malaya

    I’m agrreed with Dr. Kua call’s for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate the May 13 I.
  • Eugene Kl · Top Commenter · Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Let’s be honest with Ourself? Will be a Truth Commission when BeEnd is still ruling? Never so why keep dragging things but kife stii need to go on. Maybe…maybe if there is a change in Govt then we need one to rewrite Malaysia’s history as we Malaysian need to learn factual history not the one that is manupilated by BeEnd for their benefit. Who knows… Maybe TAR betray Malaysia, but i doubt. Maybe Razak did or Mamak did who knows. Hitler being a Dictator is recorded in history why not Mamak? Is he the so called special Bumiputra or self made God of Malaysia?
  • Alexander Chiu

    Personally I do not believe we have actually past 513. Truth can be painful and history is history. If we cannot accept our past we can never truly see the future.I would like my children to say it out loud and be proud of our history good and bad because we know our weakness in the past as we strife for our strength of our future in unity.
  • Lai Lit Cheng · Top Commenter · SMK St. Thomas

    Although I never witness may 13 itself but I agree it has shape our nation current status due to the new economy policy. We can denied that history has put as where we our today. If singapore never leave malaysia, singaporean today will still be malaysian.

    I think our young voice in pakatan has spoken too early about the issue. So, I think they should discuss with veterans in pakatan like Lim Kit Siang and Anwar.

  • Freddie Low· Top Commenter

    I am with KKS for the commission. I was a young teenager when 513 happened. Witnessed senseless killings, shooting from army and KL burning. Who who was behind was all politics and power struggle.
  • Ooi Boon Cher

    regardless of whether people have moved on, it is important for the truth to come out.
  • Khai Chee Yow· Top Commenter

    I am for the setting up of the national white paper comission to find the TRUTH…to reconcialiation, to forgiveness…to a time of national healing, to a time that’ll set us all free…let’s bury this ghost of May 13th once and for all…to never let any, to resurrect it in any way…
    • Cruz Dc · Subscribe· Top Commenter

      He agreed with Nurul Izzah that young Malaysians had moved forward from the 1969 tragedy.


      That’s wishful thinking.
      It isn’t that they have “moved on” – it is just that they carry the burden without knowing it.
      It would be naive/ myopic for him ( & Nurul Izzah) to say this without know ing why exactly there is so much distrust among the various communities, or why is it that we have our current socio-political & economic climate today.

      Do our young ones know why they are in this current predicament? I doubt it.
      For them (Anthony Loke/ Nurul Izzah) to say something like this…. it only shows their immaturity.
      It also shows that these “young turks” of PR (PAS’s moron, Nasrudin included of course) are far from ready to take on the role of genuine leadership.

    • Su Jun· Top Commenter

      PR: It is normal to have dissenting voices in a coalition. But, in fact, we have the mutual agreement at the top level of leadership…………..
      Am I right?

      History is the root of a nation and plays instrumental role in nation building. Particularly, the fact of the incident (513) has been twisted by UMNO to create further riot in the country. So, should the young generation know the fact behind the incident? Or do they have the right to know it?

    • Alex Ewe· Top Commenter

      support inquiry, to have an open dialog is the only way to clear the sky, and once and for all, get rid of the 513 card, which is kind of habitual surfacing every election. by the way families of the victims, which I know, are very much eager to know what happened on that terrible day of our country.
    • Peacefully Potent

      People have moved on. May 13 has happened too long ago. So long that we don’t really care today. We want a better country. We want clean and fair election to choose a clean and fair government. Should we have this, the rest of injustices will disappear naturally.

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