If there are clashes, it won’t be race-based

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9:00AM Jul 24, 2012

YOURSAY ‘It will be because the losing coalition cannot accept the election results, and the loss of power and access to wealth.’

‘Kit Siang, you can help BN prevent racial clashes’

your sayKingfisher: Quite frankly, some senior citizens will consider all this insinuations and even apparent threats coming from these leaders, including the deputy prime minister, as rather pathetic if not deplorable.

Is this how these YBs wish to demonstrate their claim to institutional memory when the majority of Malaysians want to look ahead to a peaceful and prosperous nation which promotes equal opportunities in the peoples’ pursuit of happiness and material progress, devoid of corruption?

Starr: Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, was it the victors who held the celebratory street processions that caused the riot, or was it the losers who weren’t able to accept defeat and reacted angrily to the victors’ celebrations?

The pertinent question; was it a ‘street procession’ or the ‘inability to accept the election results’ that caused the May 13 incident?

Surely, logic would detect the latter. After all, why should the victors want to cause trouble if they had already won the election?

The official version of the May 13 incident is rather dubious, distorted and unbelievable.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Small wins were made in 2008, and they did not get excited and parade in the streets. They were calm as they know that the ‘know it all party’ will be waiting with its bows and arrows.

Pakatan Rakyat will not be that dumb. But by the look of what this ‘highly learned’ BN MP is saying, they will ensure some action if the scales don’t tip in their favour.

Keturunan Malaysia: Tengku Adnan, so you guys will do your best to start another May 13 and you want DAP leader Lim Kit Siang to do his best to prevent it – is that so?

Cruel: I fail to see how May 13 can happen because of Pakatan. All Pakatan component parties are multiracial and lots of support from everywhere.

The only idiots who will cause May 13 are from Umno for fear of losing their power, hence money.

Reu: I just cannot understand, why should there be racial clashes when the non-Malays are going to support Malay PAS and PKR candidates. Where is the logic? I am really confused.

Anonymous #55961902: This is typical of blaming others when they were the ones who started the riot. Of course, a thief will not admit he is a thief.

Hang Babeuf: Things must be even worse than I had thought. When the leading office-bearing functionaries of the nation’s ruling political party speak and behave like old-fashioned desperadoes, then they must simply be, well, desperate.

What do they know that we don’t that is making them so worried, erratic and desperate? Is the government’s own political polling that discouraging?

Anonymous #47094963: Is Tengku Adnan admitting that the May 13 incident was initiated by Umno?

Whether or not there should have been a victory celebration, this has nothing to do with the fact that it is a crime to kill people. Killing – no matter what the trigger – is a grave crime, unless it is in self-defence.

Seeing the seriousness of this matter, has the government initiated an investigation to punish those who initiated, supported or participated in the killing of innocent people?

Karma: Tengku Adnan, further declassified documents have pointed to some people in Umno purposely did this to destabilise the then PM in 1969.

By the way, you just need to rein in Perkasa and your other unruly and racist ‘monsters’ such as the buttmen and burger sellers, and Malaysia will be peaceful.

It has been proven in the last GE when DAP or Pakatan gained more seats, nothing happened. But racial tensions increased when Ibrahim Ali formed Perkasa.

Samuel Ng: The opposition have proven themselves to be good losers in the last 12th general elections. Malaysians are asking BN to be good losers in the 13th.
May 13: Lodge police report against Muhyiddin

Bartimaeus 2020: Allegations of JI (Jemaah Islamiah) and communist infiltration of political parties is a convenient pre-election ruse, but actually what is threatening to rend the fabric of Malaysian society is the absurd and wholly unjust division of our citizens into bumiputeras and non-bumiputeras.

Consider that the bulk of the taxes are paid by non-‘Malay’ citizens, especially the Chinese. Further, sourcing for voters in Indonesia and granting these immigrants who never had a share in our struggle for Merdeka, instant citizenship and bumiputera status is not only high treason against the Agong but also a wicked and cruel injustice against the other citizens who have worked so hard to make Malaysia the flourishing country that it is today.

Is it not odd that threats of May 13 are being hurled at the rakyat at a time when the man who allegedly once brandished a keris and threatened to soak it in rivers of Chinese blood is the prime minister?

Mami Tanjung: How much lower can you get, Muhyiddin. I am fasting and the minute I read your statement, I put my hands up and ‘doa’ that leaders like you and your cohorts should be punished by Allah.


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May 13: Umno’s effete election weapon ― Kua Kia Soong May 13, 1969: A regime crisis — Clive Kessler

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