13th May 1969

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I think making an epic movie about May 13 is an excellent idea to telling the TRUTH about May 13 but it has to be factually accurate. It could be based on Llyod Fernando’s ‘Green is the Color’ with the May 13 incident  as the background scene. As for producers and directors, how about the dream team of Yasmin Ahmad, Amir Muhammad and Fahmi Reza.

13th of May 1969 will forever be the date that will live in infamy for Malaysia. The racial clash that occurred on that day is a grim memorial for all Malaysians regardless of race. The lost of lives and property is nothing compared with the everlasting suspicion against each other that seems to be permanently etched in our hearts.

I personally believe that the series of events concerning the racial riots that occurred has not been told exhaustively to the public. Hardly can I find a publication that can gives a satisfactory descriptive explanation of that tragedy. For all these years the media still seems to treat that bloody event as a taboo, as something that need not be told.

Nearly 40 years have passed since 13th of May 1969 and along that time Malaysians have gone so much far in their development in particular their thinking. I dare to say that Malaysians nowadays are mostly well informed regardless of their background thus be able to make brilliant justification in any matters. And because of that I believe that we are ready to know the full story of the riots not to rekindle old hatred but to understand and to learn from it.

Nothing is more vivid in storytelling than a movie. Why not the government, NGO and capable individuals band together to produce a movie on this matter? We had enough with stupid local movies which genre is so typical and stereotype. Perhaps it is about time for us to emulate the west with respect of their productions of history based movies. One of the best would be Schindler’s List, where it able to portray the holocaust and the decadence of humanity at that time in a way that it touches the hearts of its viewers.

So, are there any Malaysian director and producer willing to take up the challenge?

P/s: Al-fatihah to those who lost their lives during the May 13th tragedy. May God forgive us for the bad things we done to each other.


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