MGGPillai on May 13

September 26, 2008 at 1:23 pm Leave a comment

The May 13 riots was staged to get rid of Tengku Abdul Rahman as  
prime minister. But we would not have got independence in 1957 if the  
MCA and MIC had joined him in getting this country independence.  
Islam did not come into the discussion, for it was clear the British  
would not have  given independence if it was. The British had made  
that clear. That was why the Alliance was set up, originally with MCA  
and later the MIC was drawn in. If the MCA and MIC presidents had not  
signed the independence agreement with the UMNO president, there  
would be no independent Malaysia.

TAR is not canonised as a saint. He was the right man at the right  
time. He perhaps should have resigned earlier, and he was booted out  
of office with the May 13 riots. The deaths in that riots are  
unimportant, but that it was is. I have reason to believe that it was  
UMNO-inspired, so that it would be a Malay and Islam dominated, with  
policy their right and not the non-Malays. If TAR was wrong in  
getting the MCA and MIC into the independence negotiations, then the  
policies after the 13 May riots is even more wrong.

You  are look at the past through today’s spectacles, and the past  
cannot match it. But there is a book written in Malayalam called “Out  
of Malaya my blood” – a novel about those Indians who suffered  
building this country up. I met an grand uncle in his eighties in  
Kerala sent back from Malaya in 1905 after he fell ill with malaria,  
and he asked me whether malaria was still the main killer here. He  
was here before Watson and his team of researchers discovered quinine  
to cure it.

About the ISA, Tun Razak Hussein, who moved the bill in the Lower  
House, gave a solemn assurance that it would be used against  
communists, that the government must have extra-legal powers on its  
hands to contain the communist insurgency. It was on this assurance  
that the opposition voted for the bill in. It is now used to frighten  
the people into voting the National Front, occasionally people like  
Lim Kit Siang and others who could not be remotely considered  
communist in under the ISA. But that decision is not the Tunku’s but  
of the present leaders of UMNO! How can the Tengku be responsible for  



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